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Vaccine Microbes

Diphtheria Toxin
    Diphtheria bacteria produces the 3rd deadliest bacterial toxin, but ONLY when it’s been infected by a bacteria virus that inserts genes to produce the toxin. Before the Age of Antibiotics, this bacteria was often lethal, and vaccine producers discovered that adding its toxin to dead microbial vaccines, such as the Pertussis vaccines, was a massive immune stimulator. Aluminum adsorbs microbial proteins and toxins, and lodges them in the body. The first Aluminum-Diphtheria Toxin-BOMB was first given to children back in 1913, creating the first cases of Autism seen by Dr. Kanner. (see my Youtube Video #9).

    It’s NOT a vaccine… there is no vaccine for Diphtheria, just its toxin is used ONLY to make dead bacteria vaccines work. It began with the Whooping Cough vaccine, in which the dead bacteria would be ignored by the immune system if not for the Toxin-Aluminum-Bomb. The Minimum-Lethal-Dose (MLD) of Diphtheria is used in this vaccine and MUST have the right amount of Anti-toxin to keep it from killing recipients, because the Toxin is very necrotic and can cause Autism, in which budding brain cells are destroyed in the Limbic System.
Diphtheria bacteria       Phage virus that infects Diphtheria      Necrotic effect

Hep-A Virus
    Hep-A is not a dangerous virus for most healthy people. It comes from contaminated feces, so it’s a Sanitation issue. When people are infected only 7 out of 10 adults have symptoms, while children less than age 6 years usually have NO symptoms.

    The vaccine is made of “In-activated” (dead) Hep-A virus proteins adsorbed to Aluminum Salt crystals to lodge the HepA fragments into the body.
  In the favored Energix-B vaccine there is: 720 Units of Hep-A proteins, 750 mcg Aluminum Salt (250 mcg X 3). The virus was grown in Human Fetal Cells (MRC-5), and deadly Phenol was used to blow up these cells to fragment the viral proteins.

Hepatitis A       Aluminum Hydroxide SALT

Hep-B Virus
    The HepB is the prostitute/drug addict virus. It’s a stable virus that spreads only through blood transfusion, which occurs through sex and needles, something newborns do not face.
    It’s still a rare virus, but it was spread around the world through the Human-Orphan-Smallpox-Chain, in which children were infected with Cowpox, and then the next child would be infected days later, spreading it from child to child to keep the virus alive as they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. It took 22 orphans. Because their vaccination technique meant innoculating people with infected blood, and this is how the virus spread around the world – all the way to Australia!

    The virus is just particles of capsid proteins in their vaccines. The major brand used, EnergixB, and others, are made by genetically engineered into Yeast, and the Yeast then “expresses” the HepB virus capsid-proteins, called: HbsAG = Hep-B-surface-AntiGen.
  These virus proteins are adsorbed to Aluminum Salt crystals, so the target microbe proteins can be lodged in the body, and perpetually attacked by the immune system, the goal of vaccines. The amount of Aluminum listed in the recipe is Solid Aluminum X 3 = Aluminum Salt, so the 250 mcg of Aluminum listed is actually 750 mcg Aluminum Salt.

Vitamin K = Koagulant (Coagulant):
    Vitamin K is a synthetic Blood Clotter to prevent blood from shooting out Umbilical Cord of newborns, a common occurrence from the Aluminum-Bomb that has blown up in the brainstem, turning OFF the Vagus Nerve as “Fight and Flight” response immediately kicks in and blood leaves the brain. They call it Syncope, which means Passing Out, and sometimes they have Clonic-Tonic Seizures.
  Not a vitamin, it’s a synthetic Phytonadione chemical, made from Coal-Tar Derivatives. Nothing is worth risking injection in Newborns.

Hepatitis B       Aluminum Hydroxide SALT

Vitamin K is Phytonadione, coal-tar derivative,
(Koagulant/Coagulant of Blood)

HIB bacteria
    HIB bacteria is a natural resident in the Nasopharynx of humans, passing from mother to infant, and it’s a Commensal Helper that helps keep other bacteria in the throat at bay, like Strep. The presence of HIB at the site of infection is often misunderstood in healthy people, and sometimes problematic in unhealthy weak people.

    The bacteria used in the common ActHIB vaccine is Strain # 1,482.
  When growing bacteria for vaccines, they are merely fed nutrients and do not need host cells, like viruses do. The bacteria is merely ground up and adsorbed to Mutant Tetanus Toxin to be turned into a vaccine.

HIB = Haemophilus-Influenzae-Bacteria     Mutant Tetanus Toxin

HPV Virus
    200 strains of HPV virus live naturally inside the human body, in various niches. HPV is a resident virus, with over 200 strains of them living peacefully throughout the human body in various niches. These DNA viruses insert themselves into the human genome, but it’s rare if they insert themselves next to the Replication Genes, as they did with Henrietta Lacks back in 1950. She had the most aggressive cancer ever seen, something rare back then, but instead of it being buried with her, they grew every virus seed cultures for all vaccines from them, launching the Viral Vaccine Era as we know it. Prior the Henrietta Lacks and her HeLa cells (from her name) there was only the Whooping Cough vaccine.

    The HPV virus is expressed on the surface of Yeast, it is not a whole live virus, it’s what they call VLPs: Virus-Like-Particles. The yeast has been genetically engineered so that it secretes on its surface the VLPs of HPV virus, and then its blown up with Phenol, ground up, adsorbed to 1,500 mcg of Aluminum Salt and 50 mcg of Salmonella Toxin, a lethal dose, disguised by an acronym, like LPS or MPL.

HPV = Human-Papilloma-Virus     Salmonella Bacteria, toxin     Aluminum Salt

Influenza Virus
    Influenza cannot kill you, but the medication can, all the drugs used to treat flu infection are made from the same chemicals they use to make

    1) The “In-activated” Flu virus in the vaccine is STILL active. Neither phenol nor formaldehyde can kill viruses, they just kill bacteria. The cross-linking effect of formaldehyde will destroy cell membrane function, but viruses can still lock onto cells, enter, and reproduce. Also, one can see in the recipe for all of the flu vaccines that there are no adjuvants added, because live viruses don’t need them, precisely because they are still alive and can cause a real infection.
    2) The vaccine virus is grown in chicken eggs, so it’s a chicken virus and does NOT have Glycan Caps on HA docking nodes, so nothing is going to block it from entering the chicken embryo cells and multiplying for vaccine products. That means, the vaccine only works against vaccine viruses, and not against natural “Wild-Type” measles viruses that DO HAVE glycan caps, which means they can still enter human cells, but do NOT grow in chicken embryos, hence, there is no vaccine for the natural virus!

Vaccine Strains, 2018:
      (country & year of strain there)
1) Phuket (thailand), 2013
2) Singapore, 2015
3) Hong Kong (china), 2014
4) Brisbane (australia), 2008
5) California (usa), 2009
6) Victoria (australia, 2009)

Influenza Virus     Flu virus is grown in Chicken Embryos

Measles Virus
    The Measles virus came from the Rinderpest virus, which is a cow virus, and natural immunity can be gained over time. Measles was problematic only because of secondary bacteria infections, no longer a problem thanks to Antibiotics. Only malnourished children without access to Antibiotics might succumb to this disease today.

    The Edmonston strain vaccine virus is highly Attenuated from multiple passages through eggs (chicken embryos/fetuses), meaning it’s been turned into a Chicken Virus. That’s what happens when you grow viruses in a species other than human. The USA uses a descendant strain of Measles virus taken from the throat of a 'Fay College’ student David Edmonston in 1954 (Genotype A)… All vaccine strains in the world contain descendant strains from this one.
    But, the Edmonston strain does not enter human cells through the same receptors as the natural 'Wild-Type' strain of Measles, and virus entry is everything. Viruses use specific "receptors" to get into cells, which why animal viruses don't infect humans. In the lab, mice have been genetically altered to have the human receptors for the viruses being studied. So, natural measles virus uses CD-150 (cluster of differentiation), while the Edmonston highly attenuated strain uses CD-46, which is the receptor for our common HHV-6 virus, a herpes virus.
    The greatest danger in the MMR vaccine, is not the Measles virus – it’s the Rubella virus, grown in Human Fetal Cells. This shot contains 1,000 TCID-50 of Measles Virus… TCID = Tissue-Culture-Infectious-Dose, which counts 1,000 viruses that have the power to infect (and kill) 50% of the cells in the test sample.

Measles Virus     Measles virus is grown in Chicken Embryos

Mumps Virus
    Mumps virus is on the same family tree as Measles (paramyxovirus), they are distant cousins and it’s effects are far milder than measles, which is why the MMR vaccine always has 12 X the number of Measles and Rubella viruses. The ProQuad vaccine which has Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella – 4 neurotropic live viruses – contains almost 10,000!

    The virus is grown in chicken eggs and so the vaccine virus can only infect chickens.
      1) MMR has 12,500 mumps virus< br>       2) ProQuad has 19,943 mumps virus

Mumps Virus     Mumps virus is grown in Chicken Embryos

Pertussis Bacteria
    Pertussis bacteria is the cause of the whooping cough, because it colonizes the throat, a problem only in children, something adults would just consider a chronic cough, from which there are no lasting consequences. In the old days, this was a killer of babies, but today, Antibiotics make it virtually impossuble for this bacteria to kill them. Children are not the source of this bacteria, adults are, but, 1) Adults don’t get vaccinated (dead ones wear off after 3 years), and, 2) Adults do not stay home when sick. This vaccine is too dangerous for babies, and should only be given to adults, but they’ll never take it because of the side effects, despite how small the adult doses are (for 100 lb), and how huge kid doses are for their weight (for 50 lb, one size fits all, 0-6 years of age).

  The vaccine is for Pertussis = ‘P’ in the DPT/dtaP… the Pertussis bacteria is ground up in the new shot compared to the older one that used the “whole” cell of bacteria. This vaccine must use the Minimum Lethal Doses for 50 lb of Diphtheria Toxin & Tetanus Toxin, so deadly that they MUST have the right amount of Anti-Toxin (actually just the Antibodies) or the shot of toxin will kill the recipient. So, the Pertussis proteins are bonded to lethal bacterial toxins that are bonded to Aluminum, because Aluminum will lodge the immune stimulating toxins in the body, so ALL foreign proteins will be attacked, and by default, included in the battle and attacked also. The vaccine works by generating Allergic Reactions to the Pertussis proteins and any other proteins consumed.
  1) Vaccine creates Allergic Reactions to work.
  2) Tetanus Toxin lacking Antitoxin causes SIDS.
  3) Diphtheria Toxin lacking Antitoxin causes Autism.

VACCINE REACTION – Tetanus Paralysis
  The Tetanus Toxin in the DPT shot that my son got in 1984, did not have enough Tetanus Anti-Toxin (antidote to deadly toxin) and he became paralyzed for 3 days within 10 minutes of the shot. Had I stayed in the doctors office, he would have witnessed it too, and this subject is divided between witnesses and non-witnesses.

Tetanus Bacteria     Tetanus Arch Reaction

Polio Virus
    The history of this virus is very educational, plus, polio is the most studied virus out there, it was managed historically before the first epidemics during the birth of the industrial revolution, because women could no longer nurse, which is the human way to vaccinate your baby naturally. All babies were introduced to the Polio virus early, but because they were nursed and covered by their mother’s antibodies, their infection was mild, and they’d be immune for life.

    The live oral, OPV, polio virus vaccine gives the vaccinee the infection in a non-invasive way, making it relatively safe. This virus was always conquered because babies were immunized by their mother’s milk, until the industry and the military sent women working as cheap labor to replace slaves, once that ended, and their babies were given formula, and bottle-feeding was pushed, which made polio explode. The problem with this vaccine is the shedding of virus for 2 months, which has mutated. The shot has 3 strains of polio, and because the virus reverts to virulence within 24 hours, one strain will dominate. That’s why this particular vaccine is given 3X to give each strain a chance to dominate.
    The “In-activated” shot, IPV, polio virus vaccine is used today was first used for two years back in 1957-1959, but it was so ineffectual that they replaced it with the successful OPV. The inactivated polio virus is still alive, because neither Phenol nor Formaldehyde have any effect on virus, only on cell membranes, like those of bacteria. Phenol blows up cells to release virus for vaccines, while Formaldehyde which works by cross-linking proteins can only destroy membranes. So, these polio viruses are merely crippled and can still enter cells, despite their attenuation in monkey cells, we are too close in species not to share viruses with them, so these ones can definitely enter human cells (see Video #3, polio vaccines).
  The IPV has caused debilitating neuropathies, such as, 'Myasthenia Gravis', a slow yet progressive paralysis.
  One new experimental IPV shot is being grown in Tobacco plants, and will use Cholera Toxin.

Polio Virus       "Types 1, 2, 3 strains of Polio"
Grown in cultures of Vero monkey kidney cells by the microcarrier technique"
(manufacturer Sanofi)

Rubella Virus
    Rubella virus is the most dangerous virus in the MMR, and should not be injected into babies, nor into pregnant women, because it causes many of the 25,000 microcephaly babies born every year in the USA. In babies it can destroy their budding brain neurons, causing Autism.
  Rubella virus has been engineered to be Temperature-Sensitive ('ts' virus in recipes*) that only stops replicating above 37 C (98.6 F) & 39 C (102.2 F).
 *normal body temperature is actually 98.2F not 98.6F
  and varies during the time of day and between genders.

    The virus is grown in Human Fetal Cells and so it infects Human Cells, making it far more dangerous than either the measles or mumps virus because they were attenuated and grown in another species, monkey. The Rubella vaccine virus is NOT attenuated, because it was grown in human cells, and that is the opposite of attenuation.

Rubella Virus     Human Fetal Cells, WI-38

Strep Bacteria
    Strep bacteria is a natural resident in the human body that is kept in check by the good bacteria in our microbiomes, such as HIB bacteria, another resident bacteria. Taxed immune systems, and particularly, Antibiotics often create an imbalance that sets the stage for Iatrogenic illness.

    The Prevnar-13 vaccine has 13 strains of Strep bacteria proteins that would be completely ignored by the immune system without the 34 mcg of Mutant Diphtheria Toxin (CRM-197) and 375 mcg of Aluminum Salt bonded to the target microbes.

Strep Bacteria     Diphtheria Toxin Phage Virus
Diphtheria bacteria is not toxic, only when it’s infected with a tiny phage or bacteriophage virus that inserts the genes coding for Toxin.

Tetanus Toxin
    Only 3-5% of hooved domestic animals carry Tetanus bacteria in their gut. The microbe is excreted and dies in oxygen immediately, but sometimes their spores can survive buried in the ground. The bacteria dies in oxygen immediately, but the spores can survive only if there is a deep cut that has cut off oxygen. If spores do germinate into the Tetanus bacteria, its toxin is not released until it dies, and that takes at least 5 days. So there is a window of time to get an Immuno-globulin shot against Tetanus, the antibody shot.

    There is no vaccine against Tetanus bacteria, there is nothing containing any membrane proteins from tetanus bacteria to be target proteins, like in the other bacteria vaccines. Instead, Lethal Doses of Tetanus toxin are used to make ‘In-activated’ (dead) microbes get noticed by the immune system.
  Tetanus Bacteria is the 2nd deadliest bacteria toxin, and it must have the right amount of Anti-toxin (which are actually just the antibodies) as the antidote against the lethal dose of Tetanus in the vaccines.
  The whooping cough vaccine uses the Minimum Lethal Dose for 50lb of Tetanus Toxin, written with ‘Lf’ in recipes, meaning ‘Limits of Flocculation’, and flocculation means coagulation to its antitoxin. Other vaccines, like ActHIB (for HIB bacteria), use Mutant Tetanus Toxin that does not have any antitoxin, but it’s still powerful and it piggy-backs on the MLD doses of the whooping cough vaccine that is given at the same time.

Tetanus Bacteria     Tetanus Antitoxin

Varicella Virus
    Varicella virus, called 'Chickenpox' is a Herpes virus that sets up residence in the middle of the spine. It's Human Herpes Virus #3 = HHV-3, sibling to HHV-1 and HHV-2, which are known as Herpes Simplex I (top of spine) & Herpes Simplex II (bottom of spine). Shingles later in life is caused by this virus, because the immune system weakens, and just as with "Cold Sores (HHV-1 infections on lips) can take advantage of age, illness, exhaustion, stress, anything that affects the nervous system.

    This live Herpes virus vaccine is grown in Human Fetal Cells, both MRC-5 & WI-38, which means it is NOT attenuated. It must be grown in another species to be attenuated, so the virus will definitely infect human cells, and Herpes viruses are forever.

Varicella Virus     Human Fetal Cells: MRC-5 & WI-38





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