*  the microbes

infant schedule:
HepB shot
2mo Visit
12mo Visit

Inactivated Microbes:
Adacel (dtaP)
Boostrix (dtaP)
Daptacel (dtaP)
Energix-B (HepB/baby)
Gardasil (HPV)
Infanrix (dtaP)
Kinrix (dtaP)
Pediarix (dtaP/baby)
Pentacel (dtaP/child)
Prevnar (strep)
Recombivax (HepB/adult)
Twinrix (HepA, HepB)
Vaqta (HepA)

Flu Brands:
Flu brands

Live Viruses:
FluMist (live Flu)
ProQuad (MMRV)
Varivax (varicella)

Neuron with large Axon (single voice) top,
with multiple Dendrites (many ears) below.


The 2 month baby schedule is repeated 3x.

5 shots every visit at 2,4,6 months.

HepB virus, HIB bacteria, Pertussis (w.cough) bacteria, Strep bacteria, Polio virus,
(12 mo): HepA virus, LIVE Measles virus, LIVE Mumps virus, LIVE Rubella, LIVE Varicella virus (ch.pox/herpes).

Inactivated (dead) Microbe Vaccines:

Adacel (pertussis) = 2.5 mcg Pertussis proteins.
            5 Lf Tetanus Toxoid.
            2 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid.
        1,170 mcg Aluminum.
*Lf = Limes Flocculation means the deadly diphtheria or tetanus toxin is bonded to antitoxin... contains the MLD (Minimum Lethal Dose) of toxin for 50 lb child, because all kids vaccines are Universal Doses,
One-Size-Fits-All for 0 - 6 yrs.

Boostrix (Pertussis)
= 8 mcg Pertussis protiens
        5 Lf Tetanus Toxoid.
        2.5 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid.
        1,170 mcg Aluminum.
        100 mcg Formaldehyde.

= 10 mcg Pertussis proteins.
        5 Lf Tetanus Toxoid.
        15 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid.
        1,170 mcg Aluminum.
        5 mcg Formaldehyde.
        50 mcg glutaraldehyde.

*Limes Flocculation, Lethal doses of Toxin that need Anti-Toxin.


  Varicella is a Herpes virus,
called 'Chicken Pox'.


Salmonella bacteria Toxin     Yeast produces HPV proteins.
  Salmonella Toxin is used to get the immune system to notice the dead HPV particles, that were produced by genetically engineered yeast.
One molecule of LPS (OMPC, MPL, AS01, or AS04)
triggers 100 million Fibrinogens to form into clots
that are tangled forever into Amyloids.

= 58 mcg Pertussis proteins.
      10 Lf Tetanus Toxoid.
      25 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid.
      1,875 mcg Aluminum.
      4,500 mcg Salt (NaCl).
      100 mcg Formaldehyde.

= 25 mcg Pertussis proteins.
      25 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid.
      10 Lf Tetanus Toxoid.
      80 Units of Polio viruses.
      1,800 mcg Aluminum.
      4,500 mcg Salt.

(Neisseria MENINGITIS)
      16 mcg Neisseria bacteria,
        (4 mcg each of Neisseria-A, C, Y, W-135 strains).
     48 mcg Mutant Diphtheria Toxin.



      58 mcg Pertussis proteins.
      25 Lf* Diphtheria Toxoid.
      10 Lf Tetanus Toxoid.
      80 units of Polio virus.
      10 mcg Hep-B virus.
      2,550 mcg Aluminum
      25,000 mcg Yeast.
      4,500 mcg Salt (NaCl)

*Limits of Flocculation means Coagulating Toxin to its Antitoxin.


(pertussis, HIB, polio)
,br. ... given at 12 months...

= 58 mcg Pertussis proteins.
      10 mcg HIB bacteria proteins.
      80 units of Polio viruses.
      5 Lf* Tetanus Toxoid.
      15 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid.
      24 mcg Mutant Tetanus Toxin.
      1,500 mcg Aluminum.
      3,300 mcg Phenol.
      42,500 mcg Sugar/sucrose.





Flu Shots use MERCURY
in Multi-Dose vials = 250 mcg Mercury.

45 mcg total (15 mcg each strain):
            H1N1 virus (2010, California).
            H3N2 virus (2012, Texas).
            BX-51B virus (2012, Massachusetts).
            24.5 mcg Mercury.
          4,100 mcg Salt.


          45 mcg H1N1 virus (Christchurch/2010), from A/California/7/2009 Flu virus strain.
          45 mcg H3N2 virus (Victoria/2011).
          45 mcg BX-39 virus (Wisconsin/2010).
            38.5 mcg Baculo-Virus* and also, Host Cell proteins & DNA.
            100 mcg Triton X-100.
          4,400 mcg Salt.

   The flu proteins are expressed from a "Continuous Insect Cell-line" = Ovary Cells from the caterpillar called the Fall Army-Worm “Spodoptera Frugiperda”!


          15 mcg H1N1 virus (California/2009).
          15 mcg H3N2 virus (Texas/2012).
          15 mcg BX-51B virus (Massachusetts/2012).
            25 mcg Mercury.
                25 mcg Formaldehyde.
          240 mcg Succinate (from Phenol).

45 mcg total of 15 each:
            H1N1 virus (Christchurch/2010) (from A/California/7/2009 flu virus)
            H3N2 virus (Texas/2012).
            BX-51B virus(Massachusetts/2012).
            25 mcg Mercury.
                  150 ppm Phenol.
            <      25 mcg mercury, from 50 mcg thimerosal.

0 - 6 yrs (childrens shot)

  Each “Embryonated” egg grows 15 mcg of Flu virus,
it takes 3 eggs to make 1 Flu shot.
  (which are ground up inside their eggs).

Live Virus Vaccines

8 shots containing 10 microbes,
are given at 12 months.
The 12 month schedule adds 4 neuro-tropic viruses!

Counting Virus in Vaccines, reflection of infection power =
    CCID - Cell-Culture-Infective-Dose
    FFU – Florescent Focus Units (influenza)
    PFU – Plaque-Forming Units (varicella/chicken pox)
    TCID - Tissue Culture Infectious Dose (measles, mumps, rubella)
(TCID50 virus kills 50% of infected cells)
    IU - Infectious Units (rotavirus)

MMR-II (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

        1,000 TCID50 LIVE Measles Virus.
        12,500 TCID50 LIVE Mumps Virus.
        1,000 TCID50 LIVE Rubella Virus.
      14,500 mcg Gelatin.
      <300 mcg rHA: recombinant Human Albumin (blood).
      <1 ppm FBS.
      14,500 mcg Sorbitol (corn-syrup sugar).
      1,900 mcg Sugar/Sucrose.

  The Rubella virus is engineered to be Temperature-Sensitive (ts virus) that only stops replicating above 37 C (98.6 F) & 39 C (102.2 F).
 *normal body temperature is actually 98.2 F not 98.6 F,
varies during the time of day, and between genders.
    see article "Normal Body Temperature: Rethinking the normal human body temperature" = Harvard article

 Quote from the Article: "...Our findings conflicted with Wunderlich's
in that 36.8°C (98.2°F) rather than 37.0°C (98.6°F)
was the mean oral temperature of our subjects;
37.7°C (99.9°F) rather than 38.0°C (100.4°F)
was the upper limit of the normal temperature range;
maximum temperatures, like mean temperatures, varied with time of day;
and men and women exhibited comparable thermal variability."

Wunderlich's original thermometer
over 12 inches long,
put under armpit
incorrectly measures body temp.

The MMR contains 2 Temp-Sensitive Strains of Rubella virus:
1) 102.2 F for the 2 strains of Type-A rubella virus,
2) 98.6 F for two strains of Type-B rubella virus.

ProQuad (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella) =
            3.00 log10 TCID50 of measles virus.
            4.30 log10 TCID50 of mumps virus.
            3.00 log10 TCID50 of rubella virus.
            3.99 log10 PFU Varicella virus.
        11,000 mcg Gelatin.
        250 mcg rHA (recombinant Human Albumin/blood).
            2,300 mcg Sodium Chloride/salt.
                  380 mcg MSG.
        21,000 mcg Sugar.
        16,000 mcg Sorbitol (corn-syrup sugar).
        58,000 mcg Potassium chloride.
                  500 mcg FBS.
      MRC-5** cells (human fetal cell-line) including its DNA and protein.

Rotarix (Rotavirus) -
        < 500,000 CCID-50 of Rotavirus (G1-P8)

  Quote: Fecal shedding of rotavirus after one dose was detected in 50% to 80% of infants at day 7.

Varivax (varicella/chicken pox) –
    PFU means "Plaque-Forming-Units" (cells patch up the hole left by invading viruses with plaque to count viruses).

      1,350 PFU Varicella virus
      12,500 mcg Gelatin
      80 mcg Potassium Chloride.
      500 mcg MSG.
      25,000 mcg Sugar.
      3,200 mcg Salt.
      MRC-5 proteins & DNA (human fetus).
      WI-38 proteins & DNA (human fetus).
      Guinea Pigs proteins & DNA.

Live Varicella (chicken pox) is forever.

Varivax (Merck manufacturer) drug description quote:
VARIVAX [Varicella Virus Vaccine Live (Oka/Merck)] is a preparation of the Oka/Merck strain of live, attenuated varicella virus. The virus was initially obtained from a VA with natural varicella, then introduced into human embryonic lung cell cultures, adapted to and propagated in embryonic guinea pig cell cultures and finally propagated in human diploid cell cultures (WI-38). Further passage of the virus for varicella vaccine was performed at Merck Research Laboratories (MRL) in human diploid cell cultures (MRC-5) that were free of adventitious agents.

FluMist Quadrivalent = 106.5-7.5 FFU (florescent focus units) each
Live Flu Strains:

      H1N1 (California, 2009).
      H3H2 (Texas, 2012).
      Massachusetts, 2012.
      Brisbane, 2008.
      188 mcg Monosodium Glutamate.
      13,540 mcg Sucrose (table sugar).
      2,000 mcg Pig Gelatin.

Micro-carrier-beads covered with animal cells
to multiply viruses for vaccines.

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