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Author Jones on 'The Vaccine Panel'
with Dr Andrew Wakefield: panel here


Introductory Reference

Tracking Vaccinations booklet

40 pages (5.5" x 4.25"), 12 color pgs
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Edition #28: 1/2017

Table of Contents:

1. Three Main Aspects.
2. Universal Dose.
3. Myelin Insulation.
4. Myelin Growth.
5. Three Main Recipes.
6. Three Main Adjuvants.
7. Toxin needs Antitoxin.
8. Excito-toxins.
9. Counting Live Virus.
10. Principle of Allergic Reaction.
11. Pentacel Recipe.
12. Pediarix Recipe.
13. Cell-lines for Viruses.
14. First & Secondary Cell-lines.
15. Microbe Cell-line Chart.
16. Vaccine Microbe Chart.
17. The 5 Live Viruses.
18. Baby Vaccine Schedule.
19. Microbe Adjuvant List.
20. FBS, fetal bovine serum.
21. Polio Production.
22. Hep-B virus Shots.
23. Cervarix Recipe.
24. Prevnar Reecipe.
25. MMR recipe.
26. Wild VS edmonston.
27. Varicella Production.
28. Sucrose Content.
29. Flu vaccine brands.
30. Humanized Mice.
31. Fluzone recipe.
32. Janitor astrocytes.
33. Glossary for Charts.
34-35. 2mo & 12mo Schedule.
36. History Child Immunization.
37-38. Genetic Chart Bacteria.
39-40. Genetic Chart Virus.


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lead to the right ANSWERS

Author Jones was on 'The Vaccine Panel' with Dr Andrew Wakefield
and Del Bigtree, producer of the movie "Vaxxed"
at the Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles in March 2016.

Kain, Bigtree, Jones, Shuman, Wakefield, Silvers.

Karen Kain (vaccine injured child),
Del Bigtree (producer of "Vaxxed"),
Allison Jones (vaccine researcher),
Dawna Shuman (DS Lighthouse),
Andrew Wakefield (MMR researcher),
Wendy Silvers (million mamas).
Vaccines Wakefield Bigtree Jones
Dr Andrew Wakefield with Allison Jones
on 'The Vaccine Panel'.

There are NO Grants
  There are NO grants to look at problems from vaccinations,
nor have Negative Results been published.

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