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  when my son was 4 years old, he was paralyzed by the DPT shot. The tetanus toxin component was lacking Anti-Toxin (since they only add an average amount in production), and he could only blink, swallow, and breathe for 3 days, dragging a leg for weeks following the nightmare... I've been tracking vaccinations ever since, which led me down the autism trail!

  Doctors discovered the value of hand-washing in 1830, but were ignored despite taking the issue to court repeatedly.

Adults should test these shots on themselves first… adjusted to their weight - to know the full impact of a "Universal Dose" (50lb dosage) given to infants weighing only 15 lb!

amish no autism
Unvaccinated populations, historically and globally, do not have Autism.

Allison Jones on 'The Panel' with Dr Wakefield (2016), see trailer

Vaccine booklet for sale:
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Table of Contents


DEDICATED to my brother,
Dr Ron Jones,
PHD in Toxicology,
Cancer Researcher,
brilliant scientist whom taught with great visuals & a fabulous sense of humor.

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How vaccines are Made,
How they Work,
How they cause Autism…

Vaccines are Designer Diseases
Dead Bacteria  *  Dead Virus  *  Live Virus

Toxic Adjuvants (immune stimulants) from Bacteria
  Tetanus Toxin... Salmonella LPS... Diphtheria Toxin's Phage-Virus.


    1) Adjuvants force immune system reations to harmless dead germ proteins, likewise, the live germ vaccines, mostly for viruses, do not need adjuvants.
2) Live virus vaccines are controlled infections, in theory.
3) Resident bacteria need more powerful adjuvants than non-resident bacteria.
  Everyone responds differently to these powerful adjuvants.


"...Unvaccinated populations,
historically & globally,
do NOT have autism...


The LPS (lipo-poly-saccharide) of Salmonella Bacteria
is the adjuvant in HPV shots (gardasil, cervarix).

  One molecule of LPS cause 100 million Fibrinogen to form Amyloids, which are tangled blood-clots that cannot be undone.

Aluminum Hydroxide is Amalgam of mercury & aluminum,
used to lodge germ proteins in body tissue
for immune system attack and antagonism.

The best way to make Aluminum Hydroxide
is to "feather" it with mercury.

Hair can be tested
for Mercury & Aluminum (for what's being excreted by the body)!

vaccine dosage weight child

  1) The live attenuated viruses in vaccines can revert to virulence(some quickly lose their attenuation, like polio). Viruses mutate, because they pick up genes from their hosts (host cells), and multiple strains can exist together in a "Quasi-species" state, like Measles. Sometimes one strain becomes dominant, like with Polio.

  2) Dead germ vaccines need strong immune stimulants, the standard has been Tetanus toxin, the 2nd deadliest bacterial toxin, along with Diphtheria toxin, the 3rd deadliest, and their anti-toxin
  2) LPS (lipopolysaccharides) are used for resident bacteria and viruses, because the immune system is not used to attacking these commensals. The response to LPS creates tangled blood clots (fibrinogens/amyloids) that cannot be undone as they are in the normal healing process.



     Bacteria...         Virus...

The HepB shot is given to newborns, then repeated 3x.

  Hepatitis-B virus vaccine production.

The large Axon is the VOICE of the cell,
while branching Dendrites are the EARS of the cell.

vaccine ingredients

'Myelin' cells grow around nerves & neurons.
protective insulation for electrical current.

Oligodendrocyte cell wrapping around Brain Neurons.

myelin made of cells     myelin sheath
  Myelin insulation allows for electrical current the brain for thought and movement.

  Diagram of Myelin formation, the wrapping of cells around neurons and the nervous system for protective insulation.


More Vaccine Recipes

Growing germs in vats for vaccine products.


Salmonella LPS forces a strong immune response.

Lyphilized Powder (frozen live virus) + Diluent = Vaccine ("reconstituted")
 ... this is how to make the MMR shot.

Measles virus are grown inside chicken embryos.

Viruses for vaccines must be grown inside host cells.
  Examples of Host Cells to grow virus for vaccines: Chicken Embryos, Fetal Monkey Kidneys, Caterpillar Ovaries, Human Embryo Cells, and HeLa human cancer cells.
  *HeLa cells launched the age of viral vaccines by providing a continous cell line that proved to be the most aggressive in the world, the first Immortal Cell-line. All the viruses for vaccines are grown in cell-lines that have become immortalized, many of them have been alive for decades.

Cell-Lines are fed blood,
aborted fetal cow blood...
called, FBS (Fetal-Bovine-Serum)

The calf is still alive during slaughter, so to keep the blood fresh,
they suck it from their still-beating hearts.
Yes, this is done right on the spot on the slaughterhouse floor,
where everything is covered with the blood, feces,
and the internal organs from millions.
Vats growing viruses for vaccines are red with blood
from fetal calves pulled out during slaughter for their fresh blood (Fetal Bovine Serum).

Brain Neuron

Human Fetus Cells are used to grow Virus for Vaccines

    Some viruses are grown in Human Fetus Cell-lines,
that have been immortalized,
which really means turning them into cancer cell-lines.
  Both of the popular human cell-lines used today: MRC-5 & WI-37 are from 3 month old human fetuses, lung cells kept alive since the 1960s!

The Vaccine RECIPES


Single mercury atom annihilating budding Dendrite,
footage from University of Calgary.

Brain Neuron
  1) Top - the long Axon (voice), can NOT grow back - loss of voice,
  2) Bottom - the short cluster of Dendrites (ears), can grow back - acute hearing.

Washing Hands was not practiced until 1910,
doctors spread germs to patients, peers, and the public.
despite some professionals as far back as 1830 argued in court
for over 70 years trying to implement the practice!

Experts can be bought by big Pharma.
Negative results are still not published, nor funded.

 Two species must be tested on to approve a drug/vaccine.

The Limbic System makes us Human.
The Neo-Cortex is the Library of our Brain.

  Once there is full myelin insulation on the human nervous system, then there can be full electrical current. This occurs at 24 months, when the infamous "Terrible Two's" are experienced by parents because their toddler is thrilled to feel maximum power now surging through them!

Autism started with the DPT
      The developing brain can be damaged by many things, but the unique effect that the tetanus & diphtheria toxins in the DPT whooping cough shot had on babies and children was bizarre and ignored, just as results are still ignored to this day. Causation damage is deflected - while neurologically altered children become apparent acceptable collateral damage for their programs, wiping out entire lineages of particular genes that could not tolerate repeated doses of diphtheria toxin or got a dose of toxin lacking antitoxin (like my son did, his DPT shot lacked antitoxin for the tetanus toxin).

    The DPT vaccine for whooping cough came out in the 1940's, something only the wealthy could afford, so the first cases of Autism appeared amongst them, blamed on the mothers. Experts called it 'Refrigerator Mother Syndrome' (see the book, "A Shot in the Dark" by Coulter)
  The Japanese figured out Autism in the 1950's when they gave the DPT shot (gift from America after the war) to a group of small children, and witnessed autism for the first time amongst this group, and tried various approaches to their vaccination program, making them available, but voluntary.
  The DPT/dtaP vaccine uses deadly levels of tetanus and diphtheria toxins (per body weight: 50lb for child doses 0.5mL, 100lb doses for adult doses 0.5mL) to make this shot work - causing a huge immune response so ALL foreign proteins are attacked... using the Principle of Allergic Reaction to get the target germ attacked - by default - when all foreign proteins are attacked, no matter how benign, like peanut butter and pollen, dander and dust... and pertussis bacteria is not toxic enough to be set off alarms, nor threatening in any way because it's DEAD.
  All foreign proteins present are attacked, hence allergies are the "learned" (acquired) immune responses to foreign proteins.
      Dtap/tdap is decaffeinated version of DPT with same lethal dose for 50lb of Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin - in both major brands used on babies, Pediarix has 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxin for babies. To understand how lethal that is for babies, adult shots are only 2.5 Lf dip Toxin.

Bad Reactions to TOXIN shot
      Manufacturer's Notes on common "adverse events" (bad reactions) from the DtaP (whooping cough), now put in other shots. Super toxic being the MLD (minimum lethal dose) of deadly toxin for a 50lb child, given to babies. It needs to EXACT amount of Anti-Toxin or it will kill (SIDS) or leave them on the Spectrum from loss in the Limbic.

Right after:

EEG disturbances with encephalopathy,
Serious and acute neurological disorders,
Complicated convulsions (with or without fever),
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying (lasting 3 hrs or more),
Unusual & High-pitched Crying,
Collapse (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode),
Severe Neurological Complications.
Within 24 hours:

Fever, Drowsiness,
Fretfulness, Vomiting, Anorexia,
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying,
High-pitched and Unusual Cry,
Collapse (hypo-tonic-non-responsive episode),
Convulsions, Acute Encephalopathy,
Permanent Neurological Deficit.
Beyond 48 hours:

Chronic Neurological Damage, SIDS,
Infantile Spasm,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Learning Disabilities,
Attention-deficit Disorder,
Shock and "Unusual shock-like" state,
Protracted & Inconsolable Cry,
Peripheral Mononeuropathy,
Aseptic Meningitis,
Acute Encephalopathy,
Reye Syndrome.

Just like a Snake-Bite,
lethal toxins need Antidote (called, Anti-Toxin),

Trouble breathing means the baby is waiting for the Toxins
of Tetanus & Diphtheria to wear off, doses for 50lb.

Textbook Notes of DtaP Toxins
1) Diphtheria - "Diphtheria causes the progressive deterioration of myelin sheaths in the central and peripheral nervous system leading to degenerating motor control and loss of sensation."
"Diphtheria toxin is extraordinarily potent;
in sensitive species (e.g. humans, monkeys, rabbits)
as little as 100 to 150 ng per kg of body weight is lethal."
LETHAL DOSAGE for a 10 lb (4.5kg) baby = 0.4 mcg diphtheria toxin.

2) Tetanus - "Epilepsy is induced in lab rats by injecting them with Tetanus toxin , creating seismic activity, and their interest in new things disappears, locomotion is the same, but they explored everything less, from the familiar to novelty items."

"... Tetanus toxin (makes) their interest in new things disappears,
locomotion is the same,
but they explored everything less,
from the familiar to novelty items."

3 brain epochs: Reptile (brainstem), Limbic (mammal), NeoCortex (human),
our Neo-Cortex is just a library for storing info,
while the Limbic System truly runs everything,
it's the mammal brain that makes us human,
The Limbic System contains millions of years of genetic wiring.

Universal Doses
  Children's vaccines are made for ages 0-6 years, but are 'Universal Doses', One-Size-Fits-All , made for the weight of the oldest at 50 lbs.
The smallest amounts of tetanus are deadly to a 10 lb baby (4.5 kg).

Lethal Doses
1,000 ng = 1 ug/mcg
#1 - Lethal dose of Botulism: 1.0 ng per kg
#2 - Lethal dose of Tetanus: 2.5 ng per kg
#3 - Lethal dose of Diphtheria: 0.1 mcg per kg
10 lb baby = 4.5. kg

Adult Shot Sample (11-65yrs)
'Adacel' (dtaP)
Diphtheria toxin - 2 Lf**
Tetanus toxin - 5 Lf
Children Shots* (0-6yrs)
DtaP = 'Pediarix' (dtaP) Diphtheria toxin - 25 Lf
Tetanus toxin - 10 Lf

* NOTICE: It's banned for adults to get childrens dtaP shots!,
  it's "contra-indicated", meaning AGAINST usage for adults (over 7).

 **Lf = 'Limes Flocculation' is coagulation of toxin to the antitoxin used to keep these shots from killing recipient.
  Lf only expresses the amount of antitoxin added, and NOT the amount of extra Toxin present, that is lacking antitoxin. This is why victims are random.

Filters for vaccine products.
minimized to retain vital immune-stimulating substances.

The Vaccine RECIPES

Mercury, Aluminum & Synergistic Toxicity
Aluminum for Antagonist Antigens
(antigens/proteins that identify germ to immune system)

  The use of Mercury is favored over Aluminum, and is still used in flu. Thimerosal was used in the 5mL multi-dose vial, which could get contaminated when sticking the syringe back in.
  All dead Flu brands on the market have 25 mcg Mercury for children, and 50 mcg for adults. Combine that with aluminum in other shots given at the same time, and you get Synergistic Toxicity, an amplification of heavy metal toxins.

Nerves carry electric current that cannot flow without Myelin Insulation.

Brain MRI next to Diagram
The Limbic System is the animal part of the brain that makes us human.
We are born with cells in the limbic system that are wired with ancient instincts,
honed over millions of years for survival, which cannot be replaced.
  The limbic system contains instincts such as, imitating other human beings to know how to behave, melatonin production for deep sleep and the creation of new memories in the cerebral cortex above (the library part of the brain).

The brain on the left turned Autistic, (right is normal),
revealing collapse of the limbic system from lack of cells,
the large walnut-like cortex above it falls,
leaving a gap of visible space under the skull.
Visual proof of loss.


Myelin Sheath insulation cells
take 2 yrs to wrap around nerves & neurons,br>

    Myelin takes 24 mos to finish wrapping around a dozen times to protect nerves and neurons throughout the body and brain. Completion of this insulation allows full electrical current (200 mph in nerves), as we witness with the Terrible-Two's when the child feels this full power and can go crazy with it! Especially in boys, whom are genetically wired to run all day.

Vaccination should wait 2 years,
and be Voluntary...

Less cells means less receptors for surges of electrical current


The decline of disease was not from vaccines,
but due to sanitation techniques,
toilets, plumbing (1847),
antibody shots* (1890),
cars & roads (1920),
antibiotics (1940),
sabin oral polio** (1961).     *Antibody Shots led to the first vaccines. These antibodies were grown in living horses infected with tetanus or diphtheria toxin. They GIVE antibodies, instead of FORCING a body to make antibodies.

chart child vaccine history



The Vaccine Germs
Salmonella bacteria, HIB bacteria... Polio virus, Varicella virus.

Vaccine Germs

DB = Dead Bacteria.
DV = Dead Virus.
LV = Live Virus.

• Cholera = (DB) its toxin used now in new IPV shot, the dead virus polio shot called Inactivated-Polio-Virus.

• Diphtheria = (DB) lethal dose of toxoid (for 50lb) used in kids' dtaP shots, needs Anti-toxin to prevent death. All other diphtheria mutant toxins are used in shots to piggyback them onto the toxoid allergic reaction from the dtaP battle.

• Hep-A = (DV) lodged foreign protein shot. Not attenuated, grown in human cells for virulence.

• Hep-B = (DV) needs Vit-K to stop bleeding from yeast reaction. The new shot ('Fendrix') uses Salmonella toxin.

• HIB = (DB) uses Tetanus mutant toxin to piggy-back on lethal dose of Tetanus Toxoid in the dtaP.

• HPV = (DV) uses Salmonella toxin called MPL or AS-04 to kill resident strains. Over 200 HPV strains live in seperate niches in the body.

• Influenza = (DV) foreign protein shot lodged with mercury, shots for child: 25 mcg, adult: 50 mcg.

• Measles = (LV) Edmonston uses HHV-6 (human herpes virus) receptor to infect cells. • Mumps = (LV) 12x more of this virus in MMR.

• Neisseria = (DB) only needed when body lacks diverse micro-biome from antibiotic usage.

• Pertussis = (DB) uses Tetanus toxin causing SIDS when lacking anti-toxin, and Diphtheria toxin causing Autism when lacking anti-toxin.

• Polio = (LV) doesn’t cause autism, but the live virus OPV vaccine will and has been mutating into new strains (Entero-Virus) as it spreads. The new IPV shot (dead polio virus) uses Cholera Toxin, and is grown in the Tobacco plant.

• Rotavirus = (LV) chimera of human & cow virus for virus able to explode in child with antibiotic imbalanced micro-biome unable to fight it.

• Rubella = (LV) is not attenuated and instead grown in human cells. It infects recipient until fever presents, and could be the culprit in MMR induced autism.

• Salmonella = (DB) its lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is used to illicit a strong immune response. One molecule of LPS creates 100 million fibrinogens to form tangled blood clots called Amyloids. Used in HPV shots.

• Strep = (DB) only needed when the body lacks diverse micro-biome from the usual devastating antibiotic usage. Uses Diphtheria mutant toxin to piggy-back on lethal dose of Diphtheria Toxoid in the dtaP whooping cough shot.

• Tetanus = (DB) lethal dose of toxoid (for 50lb) used in kids' dtaP shots, needs Anti-toxin to prevent death. All other tetanus mutant toxins are used in shots to piggyback them onto the toxoid allergic reaction from the dtaP battle.

• Tuberculosis = (DB) its toxin being used now.

• Varicella = (LV) not attenuated Herpes virus that stays forever in spine, keeps out wild strains.

Bacterio-phages are VIRUS that infect Bacteria,
often used in the genetic manipulation of virus
to grow inside live host organisms, like caterpillars & yeast.

Manipulating Germs:
  1.the immune system is stimulated (antibody production), antagonized (lodged metals, formaldehyde crosslinking), amplified (toxins needing antitoxins, mutant toxins).
  2.the germ is blocked from entry into human cells, cripple
  3.the immune response is reduced, or, turned off.

Bacteria =  are commensals that become pathogens when damage occurs in the body. They form colonies that keep bad bacteria at bay, but antibiotics have destroyed entire micro-biomes in peoples intestines, making it hard to absorb nutrients from food. Antibiotics are in all meat and many things consumed… making it amazing the human race has even survived the Age of Antibiotics!


  Allergy – 'The Principle of Allergic Reaction' is used to make dead bacteria vaccines work (since dead bacteria illicit no immune response by themselves), so generating an allergic reaction by using lethal levels of toxins that create a life and death situation to force a hyper-immune response that attacks ALL foreign proteins, including benign target germs like peanut butter, pollen (seeds), milk (casein), and dander (bug bodies) are foreign proteins.
  Babies get Universal Doses (50lb doses) of Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin in the whooping cough vaccine - made for the 50lb 6 year old child, yet given to a 10lb baby - these toxins are added on purpose for immune responses so intense that ALL foreign proteins, including vaccine germs are attacked.
  Antigens – are the proteins on the outside of bacteria and viruses that identify them to the immune system for antibody production. Antigen stimulation is the classic vaccine technique to get a virus recognized by the immune system, and the ONLY thing looked at in vaccinees are their Anti-body Titer, not any of the endless things that can go wrong.
  AS03 adjuvant (AS-03)– contains the largest dose of any adjuvant, called Squalene is in the Pandremix vaccine... 10-100x the amount previously in vaccines, using 10,690 mcg Squalene. , a universal
  Pandremix is a flu shot designed to cover all strains, immediately upon testing in Europe caused widespread fainting and Narcolepsy (passing out).
  AS04 adjuvant (AS-04)– usual acronym disguising a deadly ingredient, in this case its Salmonella Toxin (lethal dose of 50 mcg) is used in both HPV vaccines, and now the new Hep-B vaccine.
  Attenuation – means growing viruses in a species other than human, so they do NOT become virulent in their new host. This is the supposed reason that live virus vaccines are safer than natural infection, but today many viruses are grown inside Human Fetal Cell-lines, which is NOT attenuation, and would make them more virulent for humans.
  Rubella virus is grown in human cells, and then given in the MMR - there are 12x more Rubella virus than the others, and they would be more virulent than the others, and could be the worse of the 3 culprits in the MMR to cause autism.

The presence of human cerebral proteins expressed on cells
infected with live virus would lead the immune system
to attack the baby's brain cells.

  Autism - is caused by neuron loss in the Limbic System during development, where cells were wired over millions of years with instincts, such as, imitating other humans to know how to behave, and melatonin production for memory selection during sleep.
  There are many ways to damage developing neurons, and the ingredients within the 3 main vaccine recipes are no exception (toxins, heavy metals, live virus). Japan was gifted the DPT shot after the war, and they saw autism for the first time in the group of toddlers they gave it to, hence their program is voluntary.

  Formaldehyde – cross-links proteins and is used to bond the deadly doses of toxins in body tissue for slow release. Its used for corpses, while the heat from a live body will eventually disipate the formaldehyde and slowly release the toxins (flocculated to germ antigens). Without formaldehyde the lethal doses for 50lb kids would kill more 20lb children, instead of chipping away at their full neural potential.
  Host cells – Viruses need host cells to multiply, and are grown in continuous cell-colonies, like cancer cells that are immortal (HeLa cells) and embryo cells from many species - chicken, monkey, and human cells - have been immortalized,
kept alive for half a century.
  Limes Flocculation (Lf) - Lf is the measurement of how much deadly toxin is bonded to its anti-toxin, and the coagulation that binds them is called ‘Flocculation’. Take note that this anti-toxin is actually the antibodies against the toxin, and that this measurement does NOT measure how much toxin is still free because it has not been flocculated because not enough anti-toxin was provided in the process of making this an injectable drug.
  For example, the commonly used Pediarix vaccine used for whooping cough contains 10 Lf Tetanus Toxoid and 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxoid. If antitoxin is lacking, the tetanus toxin will paralyze and cause SIDS, while Diphtheria toxin can leave them on the spectrum.
  Minimum Lethal Dose (MLD) – Minimum lethal dose of tetanus & diphtheria toxin for a 50lb child is used in the whooping cough shot, the (DPT/dtaP - same recipe, same amount of toxin).
  MRC-5 – are cells used to grow viruses for vaccines. MRC-5 is a "continuous" cell-line from 3 mo old human fetus lungs, alive since 1965, called to be "Immortalized", turning them into cancer cells, their oncogenes gone wild.
  This human cell-line would not be called Attenuation, because the definition of attenuation is growing vaccine viruses in Non-Human cells, to reduced virulence for the human species and controlled virulence for the new species (ie, eggs for measles, monkey kidneys for polio, caterpillar ovaries for hpv, yeast for hepB virus). attenuate the viruses, instead increasing virion infectivity and virulence.
  Principle of Allergic Reaction – makes dead bacteria vaccines work, otherwise ignored by the immune system - because theyre dead - so, deadly toxins are added to force a hyper-immune-response that will attack ALL foreign proteins.   Its used in the dead bacteria vaccines, and now some of the dead virus vaccines, creating massive allergic responses to all foreign proteins including viruses tagged with mutant toxic versions of the toxoid creating the storm. To protect adults (over 7 yrs), the same shots are 4 - 10x milder than those given to babies.
  SIDS – Sudden Infant Death is from the lethal doses of Tetanus and diptheria toxins lacking their Anti-toxins in the whooping cough shots. Although it began at the turn of the century with the so-called Diphtheria Vaccine for babies which gave us our first SIDS epidemic. Because it was only the rich families that could afford shots, only their children died and a mistake was made from studying cadavers of poor families and thought the thymus difference between wealth and poverty caused by stress was not the problem. see article 'when science goes wrong': the article.
  TCID-50 (Tissue Culture Infectious Dose)
  A unit of measurement to count viruses for vaccine doses. There are 1,000 TCID of measles in the MMR, that means 1,000 cells were infected.
  By counting the number of cells infected by measles virus it gives them a measurement of virus-virulence (greater cell entry ability).
  Transfection (transfer + infection) – There are numerous ways to transfer DNA into vaccinee genes and potentially change receptor sites on cells to block the entry of viruses to changing neurons in the brain, anything is possible - from injecting HeLa cancer cells in everyone through live virus vaccines to creating FundVaxx that switch off the 'God Gene' in human brains (whatever that means) for islamist extremists... or use chemical transfection techniques for DNA change in human-resident bacteria strains, such as, Strep & Neisseria. see, Transformation.
  Transformation (transfer + formation) – Fred Griffith discovered in 1928 that the DNA from dead bacteria transfered into DNA live bacteria of the same species and transformed it, making benign strains virulent strains. This led to todays popular gene-transfection techniques, which use gene guns and an arsenal of methods akin to modern warfare to force DNA change inside a cell.
  Universal Doses – all children’s vaccines are made for 50 lb kids, they’re One-Size-Fits-All for ages 0-6 years, but made for the weight of the oldest.
  Virus Seed Culture – are the viruses sent to manufacturers for their products. ALL virus seed cultures are grown in HeLa cells, cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks, proven to be the aggressive on earth.
  Vitamin K -is given for its Blood-Clotting factor, that’s the only reason newborns need this vitamin immediately. It’s given to prevent bleeding out the nose paricularly, because the aluminum adjuvant and/or percentage of yeast can cause sudden hypertension from the shock and Awe strategy on a new immune system, and the child can experience systemic shock against 1% yeast (RecombivaxB) 5% yeast (EnergixB), since the virus is grown in yeast cells, it’s the substance of the shot, and there’s 250 mg of aluminum (EnergixB, RecombivaxHB).
  WI-38 – Continuous cell-line from 3 mo old human fetus lungs, alive since 1962. Used to grow viruses for vaccine products. (WI = Wistar Institute, aborted fetus #38).

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